Multiple real-estate modeling platforms are available, but many:

  • are too expensive, 
  • lack flexibility, 
  • don’t look professional, 
  • can't be easily shared with others, and/or
  • require a week-long training course for utilization.

We provide models that strategically address these limitations by being:

Microsoft Excel-based: Each model is created in Microsoft Excel, a software that is owned and understood by 95% of real-estate professionals worldwide. This reduces your model-use training time, makes model sharing effortless and gives you the ability to alter any model according to your unique deal specifications.


Professional: Our models are some of the most professional-looking in the industry. We utilize tables, graphs, charts and much more in an attempt to present models that are visually appealing.  


Flexible: When using our models, you will quickly see that we have done our best to provide an input for every possible deal scenario. However, we realize that some deals are unique, so we have provided a direct-input section on each model’s cash-flow page to account for rare circumstances. And because our models are Excel-based, you can unprotect the non-input cells and make any changes or additions you desire.


Customized: Unlike real-estate modeling programs that attempt to encompass multiple real-estate asset types, our models are customized to the asset type being analyzed. This saves you a significant amount of time as all model inputs, outputs and presentation features are tailored to the asset you are underwriting.


User-friendly: Our models are as useful to your Senior Analyst as they are to your CEO, who may just need help summing a few Excel cells. Description and direction are provided when you select each input cell, which provides a “learn-as-you-go” education in using models. Also, each model provides a text overview, input-key chart, notes and non-input-cell security for those with limited Excel experience.


Affordable: Our models range from $100 to $950 US -- a real bargain when you consider the amount of time it would take to build your own.


Audit-capable: Each model has an audit table that identifies any errors and/or abnormal assumptions.


Able to provide scenario outputs: Most of our models show returns/profits for alternative scenarios, such as exit pricing, income change, expense change, cost change, etc. This allows you to make timely, accurate decisions because you can view multiple investment outcomes simultaneously instead of running a separate model for each potential outcome.


Coming Soon:  Models available for purchase.

  • 3-Tier Waterfall Model

    This is a 3-tier waterfall distribution model that assumes the same waterfall calculation methods on capital and cash flow distributions. The preferred return and IRR hurdles can be calculated arithmetically or geometrically. Model allows for the GP to share pari-passu per its equity share or in promote only. The model allows both quarterly and monthly cash flow input. Up to 10 years of cash flow input is allowed. Detailed direction and explanation will appear when each input cell is selected on the "Inputs" worksheet. For questions or to buy model email